New Ways to Launch New Products

Consumer Products & Services, Brand Marketing

As a strategic client for FleishmanHillard, Philips has a large portfolio of consumer products, from oral healthcare and male grooming to baby care and kitchen appliances. Every year Philips launches many new products and needs to quickly build awareness to drive sales. FleishmanHillard needed some unique and creative ideas and approaches to achieve Philips’ goals.

For instance, to promote its KIDS and BLACK DIAMOND CLEAN electric toothbrushes, FleishmanHillard leveraged the popularity of a hot TV program and utilized a personal relationship with the program host to arrange product placement and maximize exposure.

To promote its AVENT breast pump, we cooperated with Guinness World Records to initiate a campaign to call on mothers to breastfeed. To promote its kitchen appliance products, FleishmanHillard helped Philips to establish a year-long partnership with a top gourmet magazine to incorporate its products into recipes. And to promote its most advanced shaver, the Series 9000, FH organized an innovative event for more than 100 journalists involving plenty of interaction which drew guests on stage to experience the product.

As a result, these campaigns and events created buzz on social media and earned well-rounded coverage in different media outlets, leading to a jump in both awareness and sales.