The LI-NING X HUAMI Smart Shoes Launch Event was held on July 15th 2015 at the LI NING Beijing Center. With LI-NING the leading sports brand in China and HUAMI a leading company specializing in wearable tech, the first ever collaboration between a sports and smart tech company in China attracted plenty of attention.

We launched the product of the partnership – smart chips which can be placed into shoes to generate and share metrics with a Xiaomi app – using interactive technology and invited KOLs and media to generate stories on the technological innovation the partnership offered.

Approximately 300 people attended the event, including sports and technology journalists and fans of both brands. Over 900 clippings and 300 WeChat mentions were collected, with some of the latter reaching 100,000 views. Over 7 million people were reached and informed of the launch and the equivalent AD value is over 11,236,085 RMB while 70,000 pairs were sold in a month.